A Life Worthy of the Call – Parach Daily Devotional 18th May 2019

A Life Worthy Of The Call
A Life Worthy Of The Call

The daily parach devotional is with Caroline Reynolds, Praise Peterson and Swazi.

The reference is Ephesians: 1 for the theme mentioned above. Two keywords stand out exceptional in this entire theme and verse that aligns with them. One is “Worthy” and the other is “prisoner”. One needs to prison one’s own needs and comforts and bow to what God asks each individual to do and what he wishes each one of us to perform in our lives.  The biggest hope in God is that he will never leave us but always hold on to us even when we were stayed and hopeless.  We are not just perfect and we are not called to be perfect. We are meant to be here to improve ourselves and live for the calling of God. One must never miss out God’s calling. Our hope always lives in God who strengthens us and keeps us alive. People might taunt us and point us that we do mistakes and we are entrapped, so on and so forth. All we have is the revelation of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ.

One might be threatened by the fear of self-assessment, but it is apt to the extent that it is creating conscience in an individual that one person, in order to be a Christian and a true follower of God needs to possess a difference from others. A believer must create a difference in the way of speaking, behaving and nurturing oneself.  Even in the way of dressing, one must represent the kingdom of God, and it must glorify God. The behaviour must be appealing to people who recognize that we belong to God.

We as believers never confirm ourselves to the worldly patterns, there is no point of letting ourselves to be down thinking what the fellow workers would think if we are Christians. They will never understand since they are never meant to. Their patterns are surrounded by the world. God even knows that we will be driven away from God, but the tenacity to bring hope and get back to our feet to lead our lives with hope. The power of life and death is in the tongue. So, one must always be cautious with words. Words are always meant to be in a building manner but not devastating a single soul around you. We are called to improve on ourselves with the strength of God alone and in him alone. Gaining strength from God on a daily basis and receiving it through prayers can really make us and lead us to travel in the path that God wants us to go into.


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