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A living witness of blind man seeing
A living witness of blind man seeing

There was a living testimony that was testified in the ECG church where a blind man sought the help of the prophet and visited the church to believe in the supernatural miracle of Jesus Christ. This specific person who was blind can now see.

He gave a powerful testimony in the congregation, to all the church regarding the supernatural happening of Jesus in the church. The blind man was blinded with the visual impairedness since 2017. This person came to know that the ECG church and the miracles that happen in Jesus name are absolutely true and are eye appealing and surprisingly extraordinary. He approached the prophet believing that he is a true prophet. The prophet touched the blind man with hands and said in the name of Jesus, he is healed. the prophet also claimed that if he is a true prophet, the blind man will see and open his eyes today and right now. As said, the blind man started seeing and glorified the name of the Lord Jesus.

Conclusion: This miraculously eye witnessing example that happened in the ECG made thousands of people to fall awestruck for the God of prophet bushiri and the prophet as well.


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