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Pamphero La Ghetto Yut
Pamphero La Ghetto Yut

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri gave an inspiring, yet a memorable posting on Facebook on 26 March 2019. He conveyed how sin manipulates the humankind, and when the souls are trapped into it, they feel there is no way out of it. He mentioned about a new song “Pamphero La Ghetto Yut”, released by his son “Duncan Gwamba Zgambo”. This song is significantly emphasized on the youth of the whole world. Bushiri says that there is always a consistent fight between flesh and spirit. While the former is tangible, the latter is an intangible one. The fallible flesh is more prone to commit sin because of its alluring nature. While the holy spirit, directs the human mind; the flesh directs an individual to falling trap. The question is if there is a way out of it? And if there is, what is the possibility !!

To be precise and straight, God sent his one and only son to die for us, so that it could protect the flesh from being trapped… referring to Hebrews:10:26; and with more emphasis on youth,  this song will primarily emphasize the youth, as a reminder it will also enable us to know that there is a solution for this chaos. One and only rescue would be to intake the Holy Spirit as the only guide, and accepting Jesus as our Lord and saviour. Because he was the one who bore for us on the cross.


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