Alerts for the upcoming international visitors program

Alerts for the upcoming international visitors program
Alerts for the upcoming international visitors program

The new international partners meeting is going to be held on May 25 at Sparkling waters hotel in Rustenberg, South Africa. This event is going to be a huge blessing to all the international partners who are willing to have fellowship and be a part of Bushiri’s powerful anointing. Every international partner’s meeting had created a huge impact on international representatives all around the world. The program and the meeting has been a huge blessing and changed thousands and thousands of people for the glory of the Lord and to prove God’s presence and existence across all the nations as he had promised.

Proverbs: 11:25 says “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed”. This connectivity and partnership between the international representatives and Bushiri will pour out anointing to each one’s family and the community as a whole. “Sean”, one of the global partners also testified that he was blessed in his business, where there was an overflow of clients in his working space and there were abundant blessing and progress in his life. He confessed that it was all due to being a partner in the international visitor’s program that he received these miraculous revelations in his life.

So, a kind request not to miss this amazing partnership with Bushiri and to all the international partners to have a progressive anointed filling life. Those who are interested can register their bookings on the below contact address:

PSBM booking


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