All Set for Fire Conference in Kenya-ECG Nairobi Is on a Gush to Gather for This Special Event

All set for Fire conference in Kenya-ECG Nairobi is on a gush to gather for this special event

ECG Nairobi women ministry is all set to host it’s women on Fire conference this Saturday.

The message template is here:

“This special moment is for all kinds of women from all walks of life where they could gather in Kenya under the anointing if Prophetess Mama Mary Bushiri and the invitation if our pastor MAma Eva to delight themselves in the Lord”.

“We shall dance, sing, pray, praise and grow in the Word together.

“The Career woman, The unemployed, The married, The Widowed, The single, The celebrated, The rejected, The healed, The hurting, The optimistic, The courageous, The bold, The beautiful……Come one Come All because you are…….SIMPLY WOMAN

A great place for all of you to meet at “680 HOTEL, Nairobi, Kenya which is the place to be….SIMPLY WOMAN!!!; from 11 AM onwards on July 20th on this very beautiful Saturday morning.


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