ANC’s support to the ECG

ANC’s support to the ECG
ANC’s support to the ECG

The ruling Africa National Congress party says that the ECG church is like a home for surveillance. The prophet seems to the party members like a leader to bring spiritual freedom in South Africa. The ANC delegates along with Bushri treated to a dance. Chief Nakinawa honoured Bushiri on his valuable charity initiatives. The president Cyril Ramaphosa, the top delegate of ANC, delivered the above words during the church service. The delegate was also included with the senior members from the women league, traditional leaders, National office of SANCO and several other religious figures.

Matshekga appreciated the works of Prophet Bushiri to the entire South African communities. He also emphasized that spiritual dawn is significant. He also proclaimed that, as Mandela led the Africans and the entire world in the political sphere; Bushiri needs to be there for us for spiritual freedom. In Anc, they assured that there is no Malawian, Zambian or Zimbabwean since they are all one.


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