Answer the Call | Parach Daily Devotional on 28th July 2019

Answer The Call

The parach on July 28 has been discussed among Pastor Donota, Caroline and Joel Reynolds. The title of the Parach is “Answer The Call”. The scripture is referred to as Genesis:12:1. It says “The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”

The main theme of the parach talks about how God wants each one of us to walk in his footsteps and know his calling and reciprocate to his calling. The Lord God says Abram to leave his country, people and all his household and love in the place God shows him to live.

The Lord expects us to answer his call no matter what the circumstances are. The scripture also says that the one who called us is faithful enough to help us and not leave us. When we are too confident that it was God who was speaking to us, one must learn to obey his word and move in his footsteps. God who called us will never leave us not forsake us. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who loves never wants us to be astray. All we have to do when he calls is to remain calm, know his voice, listen to his voice and follow his calling.

There are times when people astray from the word of God, his calling and encounter new challenges on their way. They feel that God is letting them face challenges that are too big for them to face. But the fact is, those are astray from the will of God and his calling tend to forget that they are taking a wrong path. However, there are situations where we feel that we are lost and realize that we had messed up the plan of God. But in reality,  even when we miss out on God’s plan, he is so mighty to bring us out of those problems that pull us back and lead us to his calling to establish his glory on Earth and continues to pour out his blessings.

The action point to all the viewers is we should answer the call of God and do it quickly because the Lord contends in those who follow his word. We should consistently listen to the word and align our actions in accordance with it.


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