Ashamed fake news conspirators

Mary Bushiri
Mary Bushiri
But the purveyors of fake news could not have been more ashamed, as Prophetess Mary, known affectionately as “Mum” appeared at the commission with her usual sparkle.

In Braamfontein, Prophetess Mary Bushiri had condemned the fake news conspirators and had put them to shame yesterday morning in Johannesburg, South Africa when she accompanied with her husband and the leader of the ECG church, Shepherd Bushiri at the CRL commission.

Mary Bushiri had become a victim of fake news from various organizational groups in Malawi but she remained untouched. Media also reported in both Malawi and South Africa that the prophetess had fallen ill and was almost on her death bed.

These reports came two days after the prophetess appeared next to her husband in Rustenburg and South Africa for a partner’s meeting followed by the leader’s service last weekend.

Those conspirators who plotted against Mary Bushiri creating fake news, were so ashamed when Prophetess Mary who was affectionately called “Mum” appeared at the commission with her glittering face.

Being dressed in a floral attire, she came walked the aisle with her husband’s hand, throughout when Shepherd Bushiri reported the authentic account of the ECG before the CRL commission.

Prophet Bushiri, while he was referring to the persistent attacks that were spotted against the ECG church and the community, said that it had been a victim of speculation, while his media relations manager, Maynard Manyowa said the church was a victim of “orchestrated misinformation” by both conventional media houses “who sought to ride on the name of the prophet” along with the fraudulent websites” who use the prophets name for ‘link bait’.

The ECG church reopens its services on the 3rd of February.


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