Be Consistent – Parach Daily Devotional On July 11th July 2019

Be Consistent Parach Daily Devotional

Today’s parach is discussed among Pastor William Kalonga, Donota and Joel Reynolds. The parach on July 11 is short and powerful. This message conveys a very powerful encounter in every Christian individual’s life. The theme of the parach is “Be Consistent”. The scripture for today’s parach is James: 1:17. The scripture in the chapter of James says that “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”


Being consistent needs discipline and a clear set of goals in life to reach. To be consistent, one must always have a close persistent relationship with God; not missing out on the time of devotion, time of prayer, testifying about God and tithing.


Consistency is learnt out of the devotion one has for the Lord and his commandments. Not every Christian who seems loyal on the outside can act like he is worshipping God on the interior since an all-time universal indicator that declares the spirituality of a person is hi “Consistency”.  Consistency is learnt out of devoting one’s time and the submission of valuable precious intentions of a person into the hands of the Lord. Committing all our ways to the Lord and acknowledging that he alone can pull us to our destiny will be the best commitment we could take in a lifetime.


The scripture that was highlighted in toady’s  Parach talks about how God is different from each one of us. Since he is a very persistent God who loves us with fervent love and favours us is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His lover has never changed on us from time to time. He is unchanging God and does not shift like shadows with changing hours and times. His promises remain the same. We as Christians are supposed to contribute our valuable time to the Lord who created the Earth and the Heavens.


The action point is that we have an unchanging God with unchanging love with changing times. We must always learn to be obedient to the Lord and have a clear set goal in life and be consistent in asking and doing them in our daily lives.


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