Beyond Human Nature – Parach Daily Devotional – 10th May 2019

Beyond Human Nature - Parach Daily Devotional
Beyond Human Nature - Parach Daily Devotional

Joel Reynolds welcomed the sons and daughters of Major 1 of Worldwide to today’s parach daily devotional program along with Caroline Reynolds and with a special guest, a multi-award-winning recording artist, a producer and a businesswoman, the leader of the tribe of Judah Internationally for ECG, amazing worshipper Swazi. Today’s session has become a very special day with this amazing guest Swazi, who showed great interest in joining daily Parach.

Swazi expressed that the book of Parach Daily Devotional has impacted her life while following every day. When she felt blessed by this word every day, she couldn’t keep it by herself but she would post on social media. She has a huge number of followers, who can receive daily word in an easy and practical way. The word is being elaborated in a great way connecting with relevant Bible verses making us feel like a Bible study every day. She also said that this word has elevated and moved in a blessed way. As a leader, she can pray for the people particularly over specific topic daily.

Joel & Caroline Reynolds exclaimed about Swazi’s leading as a worshipper as that She is really incredible in leading the congregants to worship God in high spirits. All her songs come from the messages of Prophet Bushiri. As parach book is written by the prophet himself, this word additionally encouraging and supporting her to write songs. In fact, the parach word is like a daily tutorial that revises all the old messages shared by Prophet Bushiri. She explored that, to her, this parach daily devotional word is a lifeline. Anybody can read it and can digest the parach word. Swazi is also the partner of the ministry and so she buys some copies of Parach and gives to the people when they come to her home. Apart from worship leader and musician, As a businesswoman also, she learnt to be committed to doing works effectively in all the areas by this word.

Our Prophet has given everything in this book as a Prophet, business person, a husband and as a father encompassing guiding us to do our activities in a responsible and in purposeful ways. At the end of the session, Swazi encouraged the viewers to get the Parach Book at ECG online store, get hold on it to get limelight in the life and watch the broadcasting program every day and the life would be changed better. You will experience miracles and amazed as your eyes are going to be opened spiritually. Certainly, you begin to start seeing yourself as the way God sees you. Connect…and Connect to Parach Daily Devotional Program!


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