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Shepherd Huxley Bushiri, also known as Major 1 or Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the powerful motivational speaker and preacher who touched million hearts with his inspirational evangelism, has come up with a unique exhortation to the members of the congregation on his birthday. In one of the Facebook posts, he posted saying:

“I know that most of you are excited that tomorrow is my birthday and I know that you have prepared so many things to do for me. Let me thank you in advance however, this year, I want you to celebrate my birthday in a different and special way. I want you to find something you hold so dear and special in your life and donate it to somebody. It can be groceries, clothing, money, merchandise, even your time- just anything you can give.  After doing that, don’t cover the light with darkness. Take a picture, post either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a hashtag# Happy Birthday Major 1. You will make my birthday memorable and sweet. Start preparing that now. Tomorrow, celebrate my birthday by making the world a better place by doing something good for somebody”.

Therefore, Bushiri in a way urged the congregants to have the delight of sharing something that one admires the most. Confining only to the self-delight is not only the sole criteria, but to extend the warmth of the delightful experience with the community, also with sharing the memories to Bushiri’s acknowledgement becomes the “most memorable thought for his Birthday”. Nevertheless, Bushiri came to the rescue of Malawi during a dreadful drought in 2016,2017 and 2018 by donating Maize meal. The usual celebrations solemnized by the “ECG” family on the eve of “Bushiri’s birthday” were always resplendent with colourful hues in and around. However, the prophet is an ardent giver. He along with his wife, prophetess Mary Bushiri through their charity arm “Beacon of hope”, have donated millions of dollars worldwide. These charitable and unbound generosity of the Bushiri’s, are not very surprising and astounding to many. The communications director of Bushiri- ‘Ephraim Nyondo’ claimed that he was not shocked by this gesture. He stated that “My boss has always been like this. I am not shocked at all. Giving is what he does best. It is unfortunate that the media usually snubs the side of his and focusses most on what does not matter for the human spirit’s edification”.

Likewise, the art of giving is the greatest delight and an asset to the self as well as the community. Bushiri stands as an exemplary figure to the multitudes and an epitome of selflessness and amplitude of kindness. His true idea of celebration lies in ‘giving’ than ‘taking’.



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