Bushiri’s service to the fire victims in Alexandra

Bushiri’s service to the fire victims in Alexandra
Bushiri’s service to the fire victims in Alexandra

Alexandra – Leader Prophet Bushiri will visit residents today at Alexandra park who were affected by spread fire that destroyed at least 352 structures.

The prophet is expected to arrive in the area at 16:30. According to the ECG news online, at least 650 people are in need of critical relief supplies, not limited to food, shelter, water, sanitary ware, clothes, blankets, and other things.

Bushiri has declared that he will go around the disaster area and offer support to victims and collaborate with the management coordinators for rendering assistance to the men, women and children who were affected by this.

The church members told the ECG news that the pastor major 1 will adequately convey his solidarity with the victims whose families were devastated, so as to remind them they have a big man behind them and they are not alone in this process. They were also reminded that they will certainly receive first-hand help from the major 1 and church insiders to compensate with what they had lost.

“In difficult times, people sometimes need a hug, a warm word of support, and a show of oneness”, a director in the church told ECG News.

”Seeing firsthand will allow the prophet to render informed assistance”, the director who refused to be named added.

The church members had informed to the ECG news that the visit was a little privately maintained sufficing to an only certain number of people since they didn’t want the little gestures of help and social service from the prophet to be a spectacle to the media.

“Of course we did not want to make this big. Also, understand that we are going to people who are going through a tough time. If this had been announced Tuesday, then there would have been cameras everywhere and people attending just to see Major1.

”Instead we just want the visit to be about the people of Alex who have been affected meeting Major1 and getting support”, he added.

All the women and children who were displaced were sleeping at a crèche, while the men and boys are sleeping at a development centre.


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