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Business advice of Charmaine Kekana

The regular guest Charmaine kekane, at the ECG youth events, awed the youth at the Town Hall for a youth conference on 29th of June. she told everyone that it is her 11th car she bought during this young age

This beauty with a knack for the business told everyone in the youth conference that she began her humble beginnings with selling hair in a home village in high school. She advised the youth “to not waste money on unnecessary things like iPhones when you could invest that money and let it build.

The 24year old told the attendants of the youth conference that ” Growing a business card, which is why you must be more focused on sales than recurring expenses”.

The authority of the entrepreneur, the youth hung on to her every word, scribbling notes and nodding their heads in understanding.

“Charmaine taught me a business implementation strategy that she learned from Papa(Prophet Shepherd Bushiri)” said Lesego, an active Youth Magnet in Krugersdorp.

This successful young lady made an impact on the attitudes of under 35’s as they clapped hands throughout her speech.


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