Channel Your Thoughts – Parach Daily Devotional on 27th July 2019

Channel Your Thoughts

The parach has been discussed among pastor  William Kaolonga, Joel Reynolds and Pastor Donota. The scripture for the Parach on July 27 is Proverbs:23:7. It says For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. “Eat and drink!” he says to you, But his heart is not with you.

The Lord God gave more prominence to the thoughts of a man. From the heart flows deceit or good. Good and deceit thoughts that flow from heart influences person so much that one’s thoughts determine the nature of a person. One’s thoughts should always be channelled to good as the behaviour of a person determines the ways of a man.

The thoughts have to be channelled to the way of God. Thoughts take a primary role in a person’s life. One must ask God to show his will and lead us in the way he wants us to go. Channelling the thoughts in the ways of man ends with nothing rather the will of God is always true and best without deceit.

Once we know the true ways of God, we will never be confused, even when we are, God leads us in a proper way so that we will not walk astray from his paths.

The action point is we must ask the Lord to channel our thoughts in his will and lead us into his goodwill so that we might prosper and establish his glory on Earth through our acts.

The parach ended with a prayer asking God to lead our thoughts and let our acts be established for his glory.

There is also a confession of prayer at the end to the viewers who are not aware of Jesus and are still away from following his principles.


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