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Dealing with the Foundations of Poverty
Dealing with the Foundations of Poverty

In the Friday Midweek service, was conducted in the ECG church, Pretoria. The prophet wished all the international visitors who all gathered. He began the message about the theme on ‘foundations’. The message was preached to the congregation so that the people can know where the problem is coming from; God calls a particular individual in the family and uses it for deliverance. God changes the people to move and replace the foundations.

There are different foundations. The foundation of disappointment could be one of the most prominent foundations that could be destroying the family and individuals. The spirit of lust is also a serious foundation, the spirit of ‘almost’, the spirit of property are all different kinds of foundations one has to deal with.

The prophet spoke about how the devil is a liar and it is ready to pounce. The scripture that is also referred here is Mark: 34:35. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. These foundations could be shaken and removed by steady fast and prayers. One must know how deep these foundations are and pray accordingly so that they could be devastated and shaken and be removed from people’s lives.


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