Dr. Malinga graces ECG service with his Energetic Performance


Jazz and Gospel singer and songwriter Dr. Good will Malinga from South African House Music visited the Enlightened Christian Church in ‘Pretoria’ for the Sunday fellowship service and also merged to pray along with the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. Being one of the best South African record producers and a musician, he shook the stage with his energetic performance along with Prophet Bushiri for the ECG Sunday church service. After letting the members of the church taste his mesmerizing voice; the event was followed by “Prophet’s prayers over Malinga and his life” through invoking heavenly blessings from God to show favour and protection over Malinga.  It is worth mentioning that ECG has been a home of celebrities to a wide array of men and women subsequently from the entertainment industry as well as from political arenas. Most of them come to meet the prophet to speak blessings over their lives through prayers, and most of the times, they were prophecies.

ECG grounds have not only shared their platform to the South Africans, but it was a culmination of intermingling Africans and globe as a whole. Dr. Malinga was welcomed to the stage with jubilant voices and cheers, a distinctive characteristic possessed by the ECG congregants. The prophet taught from Deuteronomy: 1:14 – “You answered me, and said, “The thing which you have said is good for us to do”- (Modern English Version). The prophet also spoke about the wisdom of the spider and what it teaches to humans. In a way, there are certain unique trivialities spider possesses, and humans need to imbibe that attitude into their lives becomes the subject of his sermon.


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