ECG gifted Vocalist and Songstress Swazi talks about her symphonic album new single, Open Doors

swazi open doors | ECG news
swazi open doors in ECG news

A well-sung Songbird Swazi has gained the attention of the Church by releasing a single Open Doors in midst of various storms of 2018 including the passing of worshiper James Nee.

The Song is out and pretty incredible touching out many souls.

Speaking to this publications, this multi-award-winning star, mentioned that she had been struggled in writing a song for the year 2018 cross over the theme when it was announced by prophet Bushiri.

She said that she hasn’t compiled a song right until December as she was still in shock and mourning of one of the best worship leaders in her team and in the world, James Nee.

One day God spoke to me, to gain strength and move on, I have so many people who look to me for strength and leadership I couldn’t fall apart”, she said

She added that the song is combined with heartfelt lyrics of what had happened, and moving on to the next chapter, saying that she was not sure how the song would all extremely be compiled together, yet she felt that God is Sovereign and His plans are never to harm anyone.

“This song is about acceptance that there are things we go through or that God allows us to go through. To test our faith in Him and to show us that He is still God”, she said.


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