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From Nothing To Everything
From Nothing To Everything

There was a woman who was working for 22 years as a teacher and consistently working without promotion. But when he was introduced to the ECG, she was appointed as H.O.D. There were so many testimonies testified like how God shifted people from a position from grass to grace. There was a man who was jobless, his family devastated and the children kicked out of school. And the man roamed from one church to another in search of an answer. Finally, he reached the God of major 1 where he took the job letters. He was finally touched by the God of Major 1 and he was promoted from a junior manager to COO. He visited the international visitor program for 12 times in two years He was blessed abundantly in the hundredfold year by year and by each visitor arrival to the international visitor program.

After his first visit to the international program, he signed a contract of 10 million dollars and worked with major clients and high profile people across the world. He owned four cars and his garage was completely full within six months. Not only owning 6 cars within 6 months but also his financial status was expanded upon the 13th visit to the ECG and now he signed a contract of 50 million dollars.

This is the testimony of the man who came from nothing to a millionaire. This man who testified gave a word of encouragement to everyone to take away their civilian mind, empty their minds and hearts to fill their minds only with the prophetic mind after reaching the God of major1. One must never take a back step thinking that God can never work miracles in people’s lives. He does and he always will


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