Help from Above – Parach Daily Devotional – 8th May 2019

Help from Above - Parach Daily Devotional - 8th May 2019
Help from Above - Parach Daily Devotional - 8th May 2019

Every day’s energetic Parach daily devotional is welcomed by Joel Reynolds for today’s session along with Pastor Donata and Umberto Brasiello with a title “HELP FROM THE ABOVE”. The scripture of the day is from 1 Chronicles 12:23, “These are the numbers of the men armed for battle who came to David at Hebron to turn Saul’s kingdom over to him, as the LORD had said:”

We are in Christ today, and we are never left alone to fight battles by own. It reminds about Joshua, who was told by God that “the battle is not Yours”. We need to wait on God before going to battles, so as to have The Lord with us. God will send the people to assist you in the everyday challenges of your ministry, works and family. Being in prophetic ministry, one must recognize that God has set a Prophet to guide you and show you His ways in your life. Though you enter the waters in the sea, the Lion of Judah, who is undefeated at any time will be with you. God will shake the whole Heaven and the Earth for your safety alone. You are heavenly defended.

When we went with the pre-emptive prayers, you will never be defeated before the enemies. We need to be sensitive when God sends people to you to help you to understand our destiny. Like God send His Prophet to South Africa and Nations to know our purposes of lives. So don’t despise the Divine connections in your life. We are here to pray to God to be connected with people like prayer warriors, intercessors, etc. We are all in one body to function for the edification of the Church. Then the session was ended with a prayer asking God to fulfil the purpose and make as a valuable asset to others, thus celebrate the victory in Jesus name.


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