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International prophecy with Prophet Bushiri
International prophecy with Prophet Bushiri

Prophecy is nothing but a message that comes from the heart of God to his people through a chosen servant, a prophet. God honours the words of a true prophet and in fulfilment of his words. On the 10th of March 2019, the servant of the Lord, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri spoke a message from God concerning the elections in the country, popularly known as the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi. The prophecies Major1 spoke are as follows:

  1. He prophesied that the election would come off as scheduled but the aftermath consequences would be unpleasant.
  2. He further prophesied that the opposition parties would disagree with the results of elections and would create a state of insecurity
  3. The Democratic Progressive party, the incumbent party, according to the prophecy would be opposed by the minority parties. However, the incumbent would stay in power.
  4. He prophesied that the insecurity would pour out into the street as there would be street protests
  5. A flag, representing the opposition parties would oppose the results of the elections

Prophet Bushiri asked each one of the ECG congregants to pray for peaceful elections since he does not see a peaceful non-violent election happening in the recently happened elections in Malawi.

When a true prophet speaks, it becomes a decree.  On the 21st of May 2019, the president results were asked to be postponed and there should be a recount process held once again in the country to confirm with the election results.

The prophet spoke about the disagreements that would ensue in the after a period of the elections and the prophecy was confirmed. Malawi Congress party president, Lazarus Chakwera went to the notice of the court regarding the irregularities in results from 28 districts. Bushiri said that there were street protests in the country. As the church prayed for peace, international observers led by former South African president Thabo Mbeki called the elections peaceful.


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