International Visitors program on 31 MARCH, 2019

International Visitors program on 31 MARCH, 2019
International Visitors program on 31 MARCH, 2019

The International visitor’s program held on 31 March began with few minutes of worship. There are many international visitors who came to visit the ECG church. There are quite a few testimonies before the prophet God came to preach. One of the testimonies was about a man who was from Botswana. He prayed for the God of major1 to receive a tender offer. He testified that after he joined the ECG church, the doors started opening for me.

There was always a powerful testimony about who a woman who was unmarried for 44 years. She had put the petition of prayer request in the year 2017 in ECG church and finally met a person in April who proposed her for marriage.

There was a woman named Naomi who visited the international program, who waited for the career breakthrough. After three years of dropping from Amity University, India while she studied only for a year; she attended the ECG church. She prayed for the breakthrough, and when God of Major 1 spoke things over the people, she received an e-mail from the college to join the left-over course and finish it in three months (lesser than a year). She had successfully completed the course and was awarded the certificate in Masters of Business Administration. There were testimonies where God of Major1 has done things in regard to business, debts clearance, promotion.

The God of Major 1 is powerful, faithful and does not embarrass his believers.  After the testimonies, the congregation was led into the phase of worship.


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