Big Sunday Service
Big Sunday Service

This coming Sunday named the “THE BIG SUNDAY SERVICE” by Major 1 is going to be conducted in Pretoria show grounds, South Africa. As per Major1’s invitation, this service, unlike other usual services, is conducted “Only” once in a year. A video clip and advertisement was posted on several social sites such as Facebook and others. Prophet Bushiri greeted the people and sent a special invitation to every single individual personally to attend the meeting and be blessed. Major 1 significantly declared that “God is on a special move and so he invited every one of them who is sick mentally, physically and spiritually to come and be a part of this big Sunday service.

Major 1 also affirmed that this powerful event is supernaturally allowing to be a blessing to the multitudes. The meeting is going to be held on this Sunday 24 of March, at Enlightened Christian Gathering hall at 8UTC+02, Pretoria show grounds, South Africa. So, unlike other services, this event is predicted to be a huge blessing to an innumerable number of souls as Major 1 had said. New experiences, new revelations and new manifestations are going to be witnessed in a profoundly amazing way.

The sick will be healed, the spirit of delays in each person’s life, the old filthy chains of slavery are going to be broken in the name of Jesus Christ. Every circumstance that is troubling people is certainly going to be dealt with.


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