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Issachar tribe embarks on a spiritual warfare through Prayer

Obed Ntem, the leader of the Issachar tribe invited all the tribes of ECG to attend for a prophetic prayer&fasting on behalf of the church in the month of June 2019.

The different tribes heeded to the call and spent June 5 on the grounds of Issachar at the showgrounds. Continuing with consistent intercessions throughout the day.

All the tribes fasted, prayed with a mission for the protection of the church, their loved ones and also “the dark phase of the world by showing the Lord’s light” be revealed soon.

Obed held two prayer sessions; one in the afternoon and the other in the evening for breakfast. He also emphasized that the gathering is not an Issachar issue but the issue of the church where each steward has to exclusively pray for the church.

Obed also stressed saying that “This is the true time to showcase the faithfulness towards our parents”. He also pondered on how when there is an issue in the church, the entire church should come, gather and pray as one.

When the stewards had prayed, worshipped intensively, the Holy Spirit moved and touched them. The battle was waged with the spirits through words as weapons by the church prayer warriors.

Nkazi, one of the leaders of the Naphtali tribe was also there to support the prayer of protection for the month of June.


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