Mabunda’s renovation of Soccer career – Through Prophet Bushiri’s revelation

Mabunda’s renovation of Soccer career- Through Prophet Bushiri’s revelation
Mabunda’s renovation of Soccer career- Through Prophet Bushiri’s revelation

I thank God every day for remembering me and sending His prophet Major 1 to come and lead me in the path that God predestined for me here on earth.

Bafana Bafana star TiyaniMabunda openly reveals why he always thanks God for sending Prophet Bushiri, whenever he attains success in his life. As a soccer star, he was never ashamed to be thankful to Prophet Bushiri.

As he obtained the achievement in the soccer game as Man of the Match on Monday against Orlando Pirates, the star stated that:

While speaking to he said: “I have come to understand the importance of having a spiritual covering”. He talked about how the Israelites were imprisoned in the land of Egypt, but the mighty hand of the Lord used the prophet Moses to rescue them out of Egypt.

When Moses was sent to them, they remembered Moses and the law he gave them, so that they could follow all the time; because they knew that he has been sent to them for their benefit.  He restated that he, like the Israelites, was trapped in the prison of worldly desires and was crushed in spirit with the things of the world. However, during this heavy turmoil, God had sent the prophet to deliver him, so that he could enjoy the land of Canaan.

It was a proud moment when he claimed that “That is why I remember Major 1 all the time in my success because I don’t know where I would be if God had not sent him for me”. Mabunda who calls himself “The Prophetic son of Major1”, was questioned by the people of why he always mentions Major1 as his “spiritual father” but not his biological father.

“I then searched for a similar situation that resembles this scenario and found it in the book of 1 Samuel 2:11 GBN, which reads: ‘Then Elkanah went back home to Ramah, but the boy Samuel stayed in Shiloh and served the LORD under the priest Eli’.

Mabunda explained to his dad about the above verse and asked his dad to attend the international visitor’s program. Mabunda’s father has agreed to come. The significance behind this verse moved Mabunda’s heart because it was finally fulfilled in his life and having the same name as Samuel also made him be emotionally attached to the scripture. Ultimately, Mabunda’s biological parents agreed Major 1 as their spiritual father and they further took an active part in ECG.


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