Major one Deliverance in Pretoria


In Pretoria, Prophet Bushiri also ministered and prayed for the congregants who were seated outside the main tent on Sunday. As soon as the service reached to a point of climax, all the ECG joined the choir in praise and worship, and those beautiful bunch of choir group seemed like a very well trained battalion of singers. The prophet declared deliverance over the entire congregant community, where there was witnessing the presence of the Holy Spirit in the tent. Masechaba, a woman aged 42, from Mpumalanga received prayer from the prophet, she testified that when the prophet has spoken a word of healing and touched her, she felt a chilling cold run passing through her legs. With the astounding work of the Holy Spirit, She began screaming “Jesus I thank you, Jesus I thank you”.  As soon as the deliverance breakthrough happened, the Holy Spirit hovered all around the congregants, showed its manifestation to all the members of the tent.


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