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Monday Diplomatic Service on June 3, 2019
Monday Diplomatic Service on June 3, 2019

Prophet Bushiri talked about the three types of salvation-salvation of the spirit, soul and body. When one is born again and receives Jesus, the spirit is saved. Both the body and soul influence the spirit to do the will of God. God is in the Trinity. When the spirit is out of a person, the person will be dead. Decisions are made by the spirit, not by the body. We as the members of the body of Christ must be crucified. The only way to save a mind is to have the renewal of your mind.  A born again person has to drive away from the evil by renewing the mind. The place of a battlefield is in the mind.

The body of an individual will be saved during the rapture. The Holy Spirit should dwell in a person, and the body is always the temple of the spirit. There is always a responsibility to preserve the temple of God i. e Body.

One must learn how to protect and preserve the deliverance. I Corinthians: 15:15talks about how Christ is risen and we believe in the resurrected Christ, and if we hadn’t been risen from the dead, our faith is futile. A powerful word of deliverance has been spoken by the prophet where we must keep our bodies filled with the Holy Ghost to enable the Spirit of God to reside in us. As the spirit in us and the spirit of God becomes one, the Holy Spirit resides in us, and hence we must keep our bodies clean and holy for God to reside in. It is not declared that once we are delivered, no interruption or interference occurs. But we must steadily cast out the evil with trembling for the Lord enabling the spirit to reside in us. One must always rebuke the evil spirit when it tries to attack again and again. One must have great foundations and one must handle it well.

The Lord always deals with the root causes of a problem, not just the surface issues

Mark: 7:26 says “But everyone who hears these sayings of mine, and does not do them, they will be like a foolish, man who built his house on the sand”. Any relationship, business or any kind of purpose that happens in life is devastated by a wrong foundation.

The prophet also talks about how Lord revealed to the prophet that the congregants need deliverance more than prophecies. And hence, in this month of June, the prophet is going to deal more with deliverance.

The prophet concluded the meeting with rebuking every evil spirit that is laying a wrong foundation in people’s lives.


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