“Not in My Name” Can’t Authenticate Sex Claims Against Bushiri
“Not in My Name” Can’t Authenticate Sex Claims Against Bushiri

The widespread claims to blackmail Bushiri among other politicians, law enforcement officers and church members have come to an end. “Not in my name” had commended Enlightened Christian Gathering church leader Shepherd Bushiri to give maximum cooperation in all the allegations levelled against him and his lieutenants.

In the month of February, “Not in my name” criticized that the popular prophet was taking advantage of several women within the vast church. The civil rights movement also closely investigated into the allegations that were made. The secretary general of the movement Themba Masango said that “Not in my name” could not authenticate the claims made against the preacher. He added that whatever allegations were marked against him were only to blackmail Bushiri by several leading political party people, law enforcement officers, and community leaders.

Not in my name is still engaging with Bushiri and the church, as it also conducts different mass gatherings to educate and teach the community regarding the sensitivised gender issues and the respect for women. When these wrong claims against Bushiri came to the notice of this movement, it also has been extensively being on a mission to find the truth within the church and externally. After the news of the allegations reached “Not in my name”, it has warned the ECG that if the claims are strong and true; there will be closing down of the church. Bushiri sought the help of the civil rights movement to strongly look into the allegations of sexual misconduct against Bushiri.

The South African National civic organization led the protests at the ECG, proclaiming that the church to be expelled from the Pretoria events and Bushiri to be excommunicated from Pretoria and deported to Malawi.


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