Nothing to Everything through the Prophet’s instruction

Nothing to Everything through the Prophet's instruction
Nothing to Everything through the Prophet's instruction

This article is about how the amazing miracle has happened through using Lion of Judah oil, which was prayed by Prophet Bushiri.  The person who stood on the pulpit to give testimony had lost his mother a few years ago and ultimately sank into depression. He was addicted to Pornography and delved into self-pleasure. He obtained a job as a police officer, But he was still tormented by masturbation and his deep addiction to pornography. There were two prisoners who escaped from jail during his supervision.  The superior officers and the department of police came to know this incident and a new case was filed against him. Before he was supposed to be appearing at the court, he went to his uncle’s place and his eyes caught the attention of the Lion of Judah oil. Miracles that happened through God of Major 1 scrolled in his head. He took the oil and poured on his head. And later he thought he will be detained. But he still had this hope that he will be rescued and God will do an amazing miracle in his life. The crime that he committed would make him end up with 15 to 20 years scorching in the prison. But a lady police officer came and told him that they had withdrawn this case, and he could be going home.

He gave an offering to the God of Major1. The prophet of God at his offering gave a prophetic instruction on what to do with the money back in his home country of Botswana. The prophet Bushiri instructed this man who testified that this man, then goes back to his town, he will find a man, who has a problem with his leg, begging by the traffic lights down the town, Major 1 asked him to give to that man the same money. Bushiri also prophesied that this man when he comes back to this land of testimonies will be receiving a multifold of blessings, with a good career, job and every sophisticated thing. And on top of that, this man would be dressed just the way, Bushiri was dressed up. A little after a year, this man who elegantly dressed up and groomed himself came recalling the moments a year ago when he was testifying the above testimony filled with tears. And this man finally spoke of the miracle that took place after the word of prophecy was released by the prophet of God. This man who had nothing before was blessed with business and boutique. His finances are changed, they turned out to be something big. He finally dressed the way Bushiri has dressed, when he spoke this prophecy. The man who testified suggested that the God of major 1 is a miracle working God and whatever the prophet speaks will be the best guidance that will be provided to the congregants. He also gave a word of advice to the congregants not to familiarize themselves with the anointing resting upon Major Prophet Bushiri.


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