Parach Daily Devotional – Fear of God – 9th April 2019

Parach Daily Devotional – Fear of God
Parach Daily Devotional – Fear of God

The Parach daily devotional session is becoming a very blessed program for many people all over the world every day.

Today, on April 9th, the program has significantly touched the people about the FEAR OF GOD. Umberto Brasiello highlighted on a specific scripture from Matthew 10:28 that God wants to assure us on every single day that “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” The explanation was being continued with Pastor William Kalonga pointing out that we shouldn’t fear the men.

Umberto Brasiello began talking about the theme, saying that one must be courageous and do not be afraid and discouraged, as the Lord our God will be with us where ever we go. Watching to it every day can help the believers to understand what God is encouraging the believers to be strengthened with His Word. It is prophetic and very helpful for daily guidance. Based on  EPHESIANS 6, Caroline Reynolds talks about having the full Armor of God we can successfully resist all the schemes and strategies of Devil in our lives. Later she emphasized about King David, who himself was encouraged by the Lord in the times of discouragements.

Nowadays we see horrific incidents of persecution are happening to the Christians, like recently, Our Prophet was arrested with his wife. But they stood fearless and overcame the attacks of the devil by encouraging themselves in the Lord.

Pastor William remembered that the Apostles were also persecuted but still, they continued preaching the gospel of Christ without fear. Like Apostle Stephen, he was not feared to Men but joyfully suffered until the death. Instead of cursing the people, he blessed them.

Therefore, the scripture clearly tells us that if we fear the Lord, we can resist the devil and no need to fear men. They all prayed at the end, asking God to make his children stand bold, without any element of fear inside them; so that every individual must take courage that comes from Our God of heaven.


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