The usual Parach session happens every morning at 6 A.M, significantly highlighting on a specific scripture that God wants us to ponder on every single day. Pastor Evalister Kamwangala on April 2 greeted and welcomed everyone for the daily devotional. She began talking about the theme “Be Content”. Reading the Parach and listening to it every day can help the believers to understand what God is talking. It is prophetic and very helpful for daily guidance. Hebrews: 13:5 talks about how the scripture talks about God declare all the people not to worry since he will never leave nor forsake you. So one should be content with what they have. And the focus and treasure of heart be relied on Him but not on money.

One should direct themselves to God. No one should love money more than God. The title of the daily devotional becomes more significant, as it emphasizes the sense of gratitude, faithfulness and gratefulness. One must be content with the little we have so that he/she will be blessed. Contentment is the underlying truth and fundamental truth as far as money is concerned. One’s heart should be devoted to God, not to money.

Money is very dangerous because a person either has a chance to choose money or God, because money itself is evil. If a person is born again, but dissatisfied with what we have, we are going to lose, but if we are satisfied and contented with what God gives us and we are satisfied with it, we gain a lot. Therefore, the scripture clearly tells us that if we are Godly, we will have contentment and Vice Versa. The action plan for today is to guard the heart from worldly desires and pleasures. So one must prioritize their list (Example: In terms of Tithe). One must put God at the first in the priority list, especially in terms of finances.

The pastor prayed at the end, asking God to fill the hearts and remove every selfish desire from a heart; so that ever individual is content, satisfied and filled with God.


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