Powerful Healing by God of Major 1- Woman with Survival Machine Healed!!!


Prophet Bushiri talked to the congregation about how God spoke to the congregation that he chose the Prophet for impossible things to be possible all around the world. A chorus was sung at the beginning and Bushiri also sensed that there was somebody at the back who is going to be healed in no time. The God of Major1 has chosen to work things through his presence and he called the prophet to transform things and make it anew. Prophet prayed for the woman that for the sake of ministry and for the sake of people who follow the ministry, Major 1 prayed God to perform a miracle so that His name alone is glorified.

The woman with the oxygen survival kit so that she could breathe. Without the supplying machine, she was unable to survive with the lack of oxygen. The God of Major1 healed the woman who had this heart problem, unable to sit, walk or breathe for so many years. But now the god of major1 healed the woman and cleared her heart problem and gave her a new life with the resurrecting power of God. There was a shout of Hallelujah after the deliverance of the woman.

Prophet then sensed that somebody from Australia is suffering from an ailment, somebody who was watching the program was sitting in the wheelchair, somebody who is suffering from stomach pain, diabetes, HIV, cancer to be healed.

There was a woman who was using the crutches and had an auto-immune disease came up with the medical report. She was diagnosed with kin 2010. Her right leg was shorter than the left one. They were healed, and she could have a balanced walk.  A woman was diagnosed with breast cancer on 28 October 2018. The lump was gone and the cancer was healed.

The power of God started touching people everywhere and the miracles started overflowing. People started healing the ones who were touched by the ushers and their neighbours as well. The anointing flowed through speaking the word from Prophet Bushiri’s mouth.


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