Preaching on the Prophetic Destinies

Preaching on the prophetic destinies
Preaching on the prophetic destinies

The Sunday service has begun by hymns and worship songs like Reign Jesus, the power of the Holy Ghost by the lead worship leader. The service has begun wishing everyone a happy mother’s day and everybody who has participated in the elections.  He appreciated all the parties who had contested in the elections. The major 1 also thanked everyone for standing on behalf of them regarding the recent issue. He also thanked the sons and daughters who had also paid for the legal fees on behalf of the pastor Bushiri.

Matthew: 6:33,34, 35 is referred in the Major1’s message of how one must seek the God’s kingdom first, and if one follows this, all things will be added into their life.  Sacrificial giving was given significance by God. So, in regard to the people who help the prophet, Bushiri talked about how the heavenly father provided food and help to the prophets in the Bible. Likewise, the ones who stood on behalf of Bushiri and his family were blessed by the major1.

“GIVING BIRTH TO PROPHETIC DESTINIES” is the theme of the Sunday message. Bushiri talked about the significance of prophetic destiny. And God has expectations that must come out from an individual. There are a prophetic future and seed in everybody.  God chose every few people and has each new specific destiny over a single individual. The whole point of salvation lies in the purpose God has for your life.

The devil also firstly knows who must be knowing your destiny. The enemy is interrupting the prophetic destiny. The prophet also gave an example of Moses. And how Moses did not who he was, but the devil knows who we are and what we will be and what we could do in the future. The prophet prophesied and prayed and delivered for the birth of a prophetic destiny of every single individual in the congregation.

Every person in Christ has the ability to produce. John: 15:1 is referred to here. Every branch does not bear a fruit because each one of us could produce something when we are attached to the wine. If one loses the prophetic destiny, only one can give birth if they are attached to Christ. Three ways to give birth to prophetic destiny mentioned and this could be aligned to the Biblical chapter from Mark:4:8. There are always prophetic destinies for every individual. One has to recognize.


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