Prophet Bushiri stood as The Man of Works not Talks

Bushiri help in Alexandria people
Bushiri help in Alexandria people

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the Major1  has touched hearts of people, who became the victims of shack fire that destroyed their homes in Alexandria. With his lavish love towards the needy, the prophet once again proofed as A Man of Works not Talks, by his wonderful work. In his own way, Bushiri has come up with a unique exhortation in doing amazing charity of donating life saving aid to the victims.

Bushiri came to the rescue ground and admired everyone by distributing the expensive food items with his own hands in a most delightful and humble manner. Prophet Bushiri stood as an exemplary figure to these needy people and an amplitude of kindness.

Prophet said, that he came to that place of needy to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ rather than preaching. He has Faith in showing the love of Jesus to the people as God warn us to  do his work in action.

People started screaming towards Major 1 that He is the true prophet to this generation and a positive inspiration to the world.


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