Prophet Bushiri’s Powerful Demonstration on God’s Power

Prophet Bushiri’s Powerful Demonstration on God’s Power
Prophet Bushiri’s Powerful Demonstration on God’s Power

Prophet Shepherd showed the powerful demonstration of God’s power by singing in tongues. This video is a glimpse of how the lame started walking. The prophet poured out the entire anointing over the congregation, and those of you who needed the spirit, he prophesied that the senses in the people are opening up. He gave anointing of serving for the Lord and for the Lord’s “ministry” over the entire congregation.

Those who are hungry and thirsty for the Lord received the anointing. People who feel to saved the Lord, and who are open for ministering the Lord. The Major1 also spoke that this anointing, readiness and everything comes as a gift from the Lord. And it’s all a spiritual gift from God. The major decreed that it is the time to sing in tongues and ask the Lord for his spirit, especially the anointing from him because the Spirit of truth is here. When God comes to touch his people, he fills them with his power and gives them a new heart. It is not by mind and mouth but by the spirit of God, that filled the entire congregation. He declared that the living water flows amongst them.

The church prayed for the impartation of the spirit. The Lord prophesied that the Lord will pour out his spirit on all the flesh. Prophet released the anointing that there will be spiritual divine healing power bestowed to the people so that they could be healers and they could preach the word of God. Major1 also prayed for the ones who were watching his telecasting video to receive the anointing and every sickness, poverty and every demonic spirit to be released from their family.


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