PSBM Partners Meeting with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

PSBM Partners Meeting with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
PSBM Partners Meeting with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Bushiri in the international visitor’s program told the congregation that he is not going to give a long sermon but will pray for each international partner. The prophet referred to Luke:1:34, which talks about the miraculous happenings regarding Elizabeth and Mary. This verse talks about the impossible situation that is turning to be possible. This situation is not with the intervention of human but it is a divinely inspired divine intervention from God.

When the prophet Bushiri asked God of what could be done in the visitor’s program, God spoke that they have come here for the partnership and that God is going to heal everyone, leaving nobody. The miracles happen to use somebody to become a point of reference for somebody to change or to encourage some individual. Like how God used Elizabeth as appoint of reference for a miracle happening to Mary, he is going to use each one in the congregation to build up every family or their neighbours.

There is no need to tell stories or to show people, or to argue with them; it is enough to become somebody’s point of reference. When God is involved, there is no need for a man to bring Jesus or any man-made formula to bring a solution. The prophet also prayed for impossible things that were longing to happen or that had been stopped for years are now happening since God of major1 is going to break every chain.  Bushiri prayed for each one of them and the prayer line continued as long as every international partner received healing and every kind of breakthrough in their lives. Many people who came carrying the medical reports were delivered from sickness, many from ghostly evil spirits. And in Jesus name the Major1 cast out evils from each individual’s body. There was a gentle chorus sung behind while the prophet prayed for each one of them who attended the program.

A round of praise and a shout of Hallelujah was given to the God of Major1 by the entire congregants. The prophet also prophetically called the name of a person named Jabu who was delayed with a contract but right after the prophet placed his hand on this man, he had received the contract of R700 000 for 12 months.


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