Solemn Inauguration at Pretoria

ECG international announces
ECG international announces

ECG international announces that there is a grand opening of the church service at Pretoria showgrounds this Sunday. The entire ECG family in South Africa had widely spread the announcements which is much more expected to be in Pretoria showgrounds in South Africa. This grand service is ECG’S first service of the year which happens after every cross overnight which takes place on 31st December each year.

Unfortunately this year, there was a delay in the Grand opening service due to the expiry of three members on Friday 28 December 2018. Apostle Ba Nkomo, the ECG international deputy director, addressing on the Prophetic channel, assured that the grand opening service is on this Sunday and invited individuals to be a part of the solemn inauguration. Today, (Saturday) there is a youth service at the prayer mountains and tomorrow(Sunday) is the grand opening service at Pretoria showgrounds. Apostle Nkomo also advised all the ECG leaders and pastors to also keep the church in their prayers, so that the 2019 mission of doubling the numbers be fulfilled.


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