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Sunday of Wonders ECG News
Sunday of Wonders ECG News

It was a great privilege to sit under the teaching of Major 1. Major 1 is a prolific teacher. His teaching style is deep, yet simple. His energy is engaging yet powerful and most of all, he teaches from the undiluted word of God!

Yesterday, he did unpack the word God has placed in his spirit for the people and to receive. Congregants has paid close attention, taken and focused because God was speaking to them!

Our father in the Lord has arrived to personally welcomed everyone to the service. He is a servant of the Most High God and today, All were blessed to have international visitors on the IVP weekend. They have received the prophet’s biological parents in the house, Senior Mama and Papa Bushiri.

They also have Queen Sheba in their midst and her encouragement with them. The father in the Lord welcomed celebrity actor Sello ka Ncube to the fellowship.

Most importantly, Major 1 received all there in the sanctuary,  In turn, received the prophet of God!

They sang, “Lift up your hands and praise the Lord in His faithfulness, lift up your hands and say ‘He is a God of wonders’. We are worshipping God in the sanctuary and He is here to hear your voice. There is  no greater joy than to  be able to worship the presence of the Lord Jesus who never leaves us nor forsakes us.”


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