The ECG Youth Are Joining In A Camp Revival In Cape Town | ECG News

The ECG youth are joining in a camp revival in Cape Town
The ECG youth are joining in a camp revival in Cape Town

The ECG cape town youth are hosting a camp revival this weekend starting this Friday.  This is a two night camp that was planned for the ECG youth in 2019, which is a great inspiration to bring revival amongst the youth and the youth ministry, so that it could help the International Youth Day Activities on June 16, 2019 in Pretoria. The capetown resident pastor Apostle gumbo is expected and anticipated to host the camp. Musician De Allen has been honored to perform, the coordinator Winie Tshirangwana is also said to be the guest speaker.

The pastor Tshirangwana claimed that the two night outing is not just about outing, it is also for the camp activities like Dodgeball, football, and other mind blown activities such as Debate and Bible study activities

“As most of the youth are navigating their way through high school, talks on career guidance will be conducted and led by big names from universities,” She said. This massive jubilant event also promises to teach and interact with the youth in relation with skills, poetry, survival skills, acting and music.

The contact details are also provided for the people so as to be part of this amazing event, that will change many lives and the momentum of faith in each individual.

The organizer details:

Brother Lucas- 0717703511 or 0672304587


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