The Ministry of Holy Spirit | Parach Daily Devotional on 15th July 2019

The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit

The Parach has been discussed amongst Pastor Donota, Layton and Caroline Reynolds. The scripture of today is taken from Matthew: 28:19. It says “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. The Holy Spirit is like the fuel of a soul. As long as the spirit of God remains in each one of us, our communication with God and relationship with him remains stable. Stability, consistency and everything that is good comes from the residence of Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Holy Spirit leads us, guides us and revitalizes the spirit. The ministry of the Holy Spirit is special and distinguishing to notice. The Spirit of God makes us confess, repent and fall at the feet of the Lord to renew ourselves and our mind. The Spirit of God is the one that keeps a believer alive. The book was written by Prophet Bushiri ”Encounters of heaven” strongly claims the presence of Holy Spirit in each individual’s life that leads, guides us and keeps the anointing of God within us that proves us enough that we have a daily relationship with God and we will not become weary.

Speaking in tongues is one big witnessing act that proves the presence of the Holy Spirit in us. Holy Spirit is an intercessor who prays on behalf of us. Intercessory prayer on the part of the Holy Spirit is the best prayer and leads us close to God.

Conclusion: The action point is the presence of the Holy Spirit is mandatory in each one of our lives. We should have a ritualistic communication with God, not merely as a daily practice but as a habit that keeps unavoidable and that is brought to us through the Holy Spirit.


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