The Power of Desire & the Act of Intercession through Prayer | ECG News
The Power of Desire & the Act of Intercession through Prayer | ECG News

The Sunday open ground service of 17th March 2019 at Enlightened Gathering Church was packed with multi-cultural, linguistic, covering people from all walks of life.  With the passing Sunday services, multitudes of people are being blessed, delivered and healed with the help of Prophet’s encounter with the spiritual realm. Many marriages are reconciled, families are re-built, jobs restored, and employment provision is proclaimed.

The tribe of Judah worship team shined and added beauty to the service during the heavy proclamations of Bushiri. The God revealed through Bushiri to the congregation of how to pray and the Oracle “THE DESIRE” will be brought into their lives. Bushiri taught the church the invoking prayer and spoke wise words to the congregation which God has revealed to him. He also gave reference to the Book of Matthews : 18:19 “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven”.

There is always a burning craving or desire and sensation. The word of God speaks about the prayer with an intention and a purpose, above all, a burning desire to obtain it. Our prayers should never be powerless. A wish, want and desire are always different. Desire is the deepest or extreme form of craving or passion. Desire in Hebrew is mentioned as “AHITEO”.

Bushiri also distinguished the desire under pressure and the desire under passion. Desire with fear does not move God. It never yields results. It yields selfishness under pressure. A person who is eager to receive answer under pressure never satisfies God. Praying with pressure is not desire.

Mark:11:24 says  “Whatsoever things you desire WHEN you pray…”. God already gave a provided us what all we want, But as our forefather, Adam has lost it, so did we.  We should pray for restoration, seeking God to intervene in the process. When we know we have the right to receive something; we demand but we do not seek it with fear or pressure.

Whatever the circumstances are, whatever the tribulations are, when we seek the face of God; he restores what we had lost. All we need to do is having the act of “intercession”. Intercession happens through prayer. With prayer, we need to receive what we had lost and what passed out from our hands.


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