The Spirit of Supplication and Grace Parach Daily Devotional on 25th July 2019

The Spirit Of Supplication And Grace

The Parach has been discussed amongst Pastor William Kalonga, Pastor Joel Reynolds and Pastor Evalistar. The title of the Parach is “The Spirit of Supplication and Grace”

The spirit of supplication and grace is the provision of the Holy Spirit in each one’s life. Leading a life with prayer through speaking one’s needs and wants is a whole lot different from praying through supplication and grace. Praying through the Holy Spirit is the most wanted thing in an individual life. One might wonder the difference between these two kinds of prayers. The groaning of words, the burden over certain things are revealed when the Holy Spirit speaks on our behalf. The Holy Spirit speaks on each one’s behalf, which enables each one of us to understand the will of God.

The spirit of supplication comes from aligning our prayers with the Holy Spirit because no one knows the will of God except the Holy Spirit. The supplication and grace of God guide us to speak the will of God in our lives. The alignment of our hearts through prayer with the Holy Spirit is nothing but seeking the will of God. When we align our prayers with the will of God, we try to seek the will of God. Our prayers aren’t supposed to be asking what we need from God either from our wants or wishes or desires. When the Holy Spirit that is full of supplication ad grace remains in us, we ask the will of God alone but not the desires or wants of our heart. When we ask for the will of God, the answer is already there in the prayer. When we ask for his will to happen or for his will that he has on our lives, we already know the answer since it is revealed while we already ask him in prayer. While we ask him what is already revealed to us, we are applying a petition to showcase that will of God to happen in our lives soon enough.

The action point is we should ask God for the supplication and grace that is already within the realm of the Holy Spirit. The realm of Holy Spirit should only start to be received in us through prayer so that we will no longer start seeking God with short prayers of needs but we will start heading towards a meaningful communication with God.


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