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The tribe of Issachar supplies food to the Destitute

Obed with the Issachar Support program (ISP) handed out food parcels to the less fortunate of their tribe on June 23, 2019

The love of God was elucidated through Obed, with the help of the ISP program by providing and handing out the food parcels to the destitute in the tribe on June 23, 2019.

In his short speech, before handing out the parcels, he spoke saying that “This initiative started with just feeding members from Issachar only, but we’ve extended our hand to include even stewards from other tribes.”

During handing the parcels, he also explained how the project is not just an initiative or a good start to feeding the hungry but also to raise the faith of the congregation as well.

With this ray of hope, a wing at the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church which is responsible for Prophet Bushiri’s philanthropic work across Africa; the ISP program also hands out second hands clothes and runs a soup kitchen for the homeless in different places of Pretoria. Those who are registered at the tribes’ administration desk are qualified to receive the food parcels.

Obed thanked and blessed everyone that whatsoever has been done through ISP was successful and prosperous. This high gesture is done by Issachar every 2nd of the month, the registrations and donations are done through Issachar on Mondays are done through the head office of Tshwane.

The next handover will be announced during the tribe meeting at a date close to the next handover around August.


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