The Wonders Never Cease at ECG

The Wonders Never Cease at ECG
The Wonders Never Cease at ECG

The God of Major 1 never rests nor slumbers. He is at the helm of every success story and He is the captain of every thriving business. When you see a blind mind saying he can see, God is the author of that healing! The God of Major 1 takes the prayers of plumbers and does not let them go down the drain, but instead finds a way to glorify himself until all we can say is Amen and Amen!

After 7 years or even 10 years, He can give a woman a baby and make a man a proud father. God is the power in our church and even if your electricity bill is unbelievably high, He will pay it for you and leave you smiling! Whether you have to connect via our super prophetic channel or find the Lord on the social media platforms, do it!

The believers who are using water or administering the oil, the wrist band or have found the revelation of the IVP or the Partnership Program, God has opened their heavenly account.

Once again it was proved that Our God is not just a God of miracles, He is a God of wonders!


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