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Understanding the prophetic destinies

The prophet shared about how each one of us as believers in Christ, need to fulfill certain requirements for reaching the prophetic destinies of our life. A prophetic destiny is mean to be taken serious and as an ultimate purpose of a person’s life. Every individual who is in the Lord and abides in his purposes, fulfills the prophetic destinies that are recommended for his/her life.

The prophet also mentioned that David did not receive until he was anointed by the prophet. Likewise we must encourage ourselves to be a part of the prophetic destiny so as to fulfill the Lord’s declaration in our lives. If there would have been no Judas, Jesus’ vision on the cross must not have been evident and understandable to the people. Every problem in our lives is to make us realize and lead us to prophetic destinies. The criteria to analyze and reach that specific destiny is to traverse through certain problems and crisis that will enable us to be closer to God and acknowledge the prophetic destinies in our lives.

Conclusion: As a believer in Christ, we must always remodify, rectify and re-straighten our lives for the Lord to accomplish a beautiful ending.


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