Walk in the Light of God – Parach Daily Devotional -12th April 2019

Walk in the Light of God - Parach Daily Devotional
Walk in the Light of God - Parach Daily Devotional

Every day’s Parach sessions have been a great refreshment to all the people of the World. Every single day God’s word is touching with significant scriptures to bless the children of God. Today, Caroline Reynolds initiated the devotion with the theme “ WALK IN THE LIGHT OF THE GOD” highlighting from the scripture Psalms 89:15-16, “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD… They rejoice in your name all day long; they exult in your righteousness.”

Pastor Evalista Kamwangala prophetically declared that when we walk in the light of Word of God, we can able to rejoice by having the righteousness of God. She remembered that when Hagar prayed to God for having water to his son Ishmael, God opened her eyes to see the well of waters. It doesn’t mean that there was no water there, the water was there before she came, but when the light from God came to her, she could able to see the wells of water there. So, when we walk in the light of God’s word in our everyday’s life, we could able to see the things, that God has prepared for us we need.

Pastor William Kalonga further added that the developing countries are having sufficient light, so they became more productive. He cleared that when you are in the light, you have the advantage to see things you required, the opportunities, even you could able to see the enemies and can understand the traps of the devils. In medical treatments, they use different lights of radiations to kill cancer cells and depending on the levels of lights, they can understand the diseases in the human body. In the same way, the more we spend time in the word, the more we could walk in the light.

They recalled Major 1 words telling that those who move in the actions, ie., Who are doing the works of Faith, will surely see. Those who do not work, may not see, as there is no light. To say exactly, Action activates Faith. In order to be blessed, one must use the right light of the scriptures from the Bible.

Caroline moved everyone towards prayer at the end, asking God to fill the hearts with the new revelation of receiving Light to see things and let the light be shone on us and all the good will be exposed. The prayer is so powerful as follows – “God of Major 1, You are the God of light, we are bowing down at your feet to have your light in our lives. We confess every sin that makes us dirty. May the light of God remains shining in our lives to keep seeing you Oh Lord!!!”


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