Why ECG has existed as Global Church: Showing God’s Love around the World to Thousands and to all its branches of Sunday for Anointing

Ecg news 1

ECG has played a large role in showing how global the church is and it’s evolution performance with main branch in Pretoria through Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria to USA, South Korea, India and Australia, that made critics numb.

Having 178 branches spread across all the six continents, The anointing service on last Sunday was seen by tens of thousands filling halls and prayer houses all over the World – in praying and giving praises to God.

In fact, This media house is widely spread that carries exclusive images and videos of what is transpiring in different branches across the world, by their concerned pastors. The voice of God, being spoken through ECG Church receive lot of attention by the people.

The Leaders Prophet Bushiri and Prophetess Mary make creative fellowship with congregants at Pretoria Showground in South Africa.

One social media commentator said: “All along I thought ECG is just in Pretoria. I am shocked to learn that it is all over world



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