Wondrous Sunday Service

Wondrous Sunday Service - ECG News
Wondrous Sunday Service - ECG News

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri once again released the blessings into the lives of people on this Wonderful Sunday Service. He said that,  When God moves, wonders happen.  Indeed, God moved in a special dimension during last Sunday Service!

Major 1 taught on During the service, about 7 steps to the Prophetic Destiny! They are:

  1. You must have a serious problem
  2. You need opposition
  3. You need consistency
  4. You must have the anointing
  5. You need a prophet
  6. You must serve God in the tabernacle
  7. You need deliverance

The congregants were exclaimed when prophet questioned: “Have you passed all the steps or you are still work in progress?”

The people were invited to Join the Major Prophet for a wonderful Diplomatic Service where he would continue making revelations regarding the participants, the Diplomats!


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