You Are Born to Conquer – Parach Daily Devotional – 23rd April 2019

You Are Born to Conquer - Parach Daily Devotional
You Are Born to Conquer - Parach Daily Devotional

Today’s Parach Daily Devotional was started by Caroline Reynolds with Pastor William Kalonga and Praise Peterson. The title of today’s word is “YOU ARE BORN TO CONQUER” and the scripture of the day is Deuteronomy 33: 29, that says, “Blessed are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the LORD? He is your shield and helper and your glorious sword. Your enemies will cower before you, and you will trample down their high places.”

Blessed are you the viewers, today is your day to conquer, if you were born again. We never be defeated, as we are having the DNA of the conqueror, Lord Jesus. Caroline explored that we are being reminded to think about who we are in Christ today. If we know who we are, the devil cannot defeat us. Pastor William Kalonga continued to say that You are never what the devil says. As the devil is a liar, it always speaks of what you are not.

Praise Peterson said that the more as spend time in the word I’d God, we can come to know who we are. Nobody can curse you, when God blessed you. Prophet mentioned that It is so sad to discover that it is the enemy that knows much about that which we have and we know nothing. So we need to speak on what we are. Caroline further discussed that when we pursue knowledge intentionally, we could hear the voice of God to be blessed. We are blessed. No one can curse on a person, when God blessed. It is impossible.We are born in generational blessing to conquer.

Before going to prayer they remembered that Jesus took all our punishment and rose again and conquered. And so we are also the conquerors, as we are the body of Christ and thus the wife of Christ. While Jesus was conquering, He has you in His mind.


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