You Shall Be a Lender – Parach Daily Devotional 20th May 2019

You Shall Be A Lender
You Shall Be A Lender

Today’s theme of the daily devotional is “You shall be lender”. The reference is traced to Deuteronomy: 28:12. The daily devotional today is with Pastor Donato, Pastor William Kalonga and Pastor Ronica.

God promises this month that we shall all be blessed and we will never be borrowers but will always be lenders. This month of wonders provides each one of us the blessing to be lenders but not borrowers.  God speaks in a way that whomsoever God has promised to bless and make them lenders, they will always be givers. This season of blessings will shower upon them and those individuals shall be given to all the nations and nations will overflow and enter the rising and showers of blessings that is bestowed in an individual or group of individuals. The nations seek those and receive them since there is always abundance with them who received this blessing to lend but not to take. Pastor Ronica also shared about the opinions on her scripture that God will make us rest in his treasures, and we shall stop being the borrowers but the lenders.


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