Your Most Holy Faith – Parach Daily Devotional on 21st July 2019

Your Most Holy Faith

The Parach is discussed among Joel Reynolds, Pastor William Kalonga and Pastor Praise Peterson. The title for today’s Parach is “Your most Holy Faith”.

The scripture for today is Jude: 1:20. There are people who attach us. But it is not a physical attack but it is a spiritual one. When we grow in faith, there will be people who spiritually attack us. And the people that are closest are the one who attacks our faith.

We build our most holy faith by reading the word of God. We should pray in the Holy Spirit. Through the prayers and word of God, we are built by the Holy Spirit. We receive guidance, protection, love and gentleness through the word of God. We must always consistently listen to the word of God to build our most holy faith so that people might not devastate the faith. We should not let the people attack our faith and even if they do, we should keep hearing the word of God. We should speak through tongues with the help of the Holy Spirit and that will help us to get enlightened in the word of God and in his presence. We should never get fooled but act wisely through the wisdom that God has put in our hearts.

Sometimes the toughest situations come through the people who are closest to us. The word of God says everything and every impossible thing happens if we speak through our lives. We should not let some person who is timid and less faithful to speak over our lives or to us. We should extinguish those opinions that are delivered over our lives.

The action point is we should ask God to strengthen us in faith so much that even the closest do not fool us. We should gain wisdom about the kingdom of the Lord so that we be not extinguished with the foolish words that are spoken around us


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